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Milk & coffee frothing thermometer – 175mm probe

This professional milk and coffee thermometer with green and red zones enables fast and easy temperature readings in both °C/°F. With a temperature range of -10 to 110 °C, this thermometer also has a 175mm probe and a mounting clip for a stainless steel jug. A screw behind the dial face can be used for re-calibration.

Ideal for making the perfect latte or cappuccino.

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  • Bimetal dial measuring process
  • 175mm probe length with 3.8mm diameter
  • Stainless steel jug mounting probe clip.
  • Ice test and boil test markers at 0°C and 100°C
  • Self calibration function
  • Temperature Range: -10 to 110°C / +20 to +220°F
  • Accuracy: +/-4°C
  • Divisions: 1°C / 2°F
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