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Meat thermometers – A great selection of meat thermometers from the UK’s leading thermometer manufacturer. Our meat thermometer range consists of both analogue and digital models, they are easy to read, easy to clean and have very good accuracy.

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Meat Thermometer FAQ’s

Use a meat thermometer! It takes the guesswork out of cooking.

What is a meat thermometer?

A meat thermometer can be used to measure the internal temperature of meat while cooking. The core temperature of meats such as roasts, steak and other cooked foods can be taken with ease and safety. A meat thermometer can also give a good indication of the “doneness” of the food. All our meat thermometers above come complete with a stainless steel probe which can be inserted into your meat and can be read by a dial or a digital display.

What types of meat thermometer are there?

Dial Thermometer – A simple to use thermometer which can be inserted into meat and placed in the oven, our two models above both have clear easy to read designs and zones to indicate the correct temperature of the food being cooked and very easy to clean.

Digital Probe Thermometer – These come in two types, a standard probe which can be inserted in to the meat to check the temperature (when the food is out of the oven), and a wired version where the stainless steel probe is inserted into the meat while the heat proof cable sends the temperature results to the main usint (outside of the oven), digital meat thermometers have a much quicker reponse time than dial thermometers.

When it comes to cooking you will agree it is much more enjoyable doing it in a well stocked kitchen with all the gadgets and instruments at your mercy than in a kitchen with basic utensils. By having this ideal environment and the best tools for the job it makes the task in hand much more enjoyable. If you know how a digital meat thermometer works or you can get your hands on one it will also help you out in the kitchen by ensuring good food safety. It does not matter whether you are a complete novice or an experienced chef working in a professional kitchen, a good quality meat thermometer will always be a valuable addition to your armoury.

Even the most knowledgeable of chefs and cooks will always turn to a digital meat thermometer to ensure food is cooked to the desired temperature ensuring food safety. With the ever increasing reports of food poisoning from not thoroughly cooked meat it is a must have tool that will prevent this from happening.

A digital meat thermometer is very simple to use. All you need to do while cooking is place the stainless steel probe into the meat and press a button and a digital display will show the temperature of the meat. This is a very simple method to ensuring correct temperatures are achieved whilst cooking.

But wait, not all meat thermometers are digital.

Another type of meat thermometer is the popular dial meat thermometer, again with a stainless steel probe attached and a dial on top similar to a clock face with markers to show the best cooking temperatures for the meat in particular enabling you to insert the stainless steel probe into the meat to get the inner temperature reading. If it’s an oven proof meat thermometer it can be left in the meat for a lot longer inside the oven to get a more accurate reading. Obviously if you don’t have an oven proof thermometer the meat will need to be removed from the oven in order to take the temperature.

The best part of digital meat thermometers is that they have a screen/digital display to show the temperature reading, and some of them even have a talking temperature reading which will no doubt put a bit of fun into your cooking and make it a lot easier. Most digital meat thermometers also come with timers and alarms to alert you when the desired cooking times and temperatures have been reached.

Cook Safe, Keep Safe, Stay Safe!

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