A brief history of Brannan

A brief history of Brannan

A brief summary of the company history to date:

1913:  Brannan was founded by Sydney Brannan, a thermometer maker in south London, initially making medical thermometers.

1920’s:  Brannan expanded production to make thermometers for scientific and industrial markets.

1934:  The company was incorporated.

1940:  During World War II, manufacturing was relocated to Cleator Moor in Cumberland (Cumbria) and the company expanded to supply thermometers to hospitals, to industry and to the Navy.

1950’s:  After the war, industrial and scientific products were in great demand and the company doubled production in two years.

1960’s:  A large investment in automated glass working machinery reduced production costs significantly allowing the company to start selling successfully around the world as well as our expanding industrial and retail markets in the UK.

1970’s:  Brannan entered foreign markets of Australia, South Africa and Singapore.

1980’s:  Brannan pioneered an off the shelf range of instruments for the plumbing market and expanded sales in the USA and Europe.

1990’s:  Brannan acquired a Swedish instrument manufacturer and started manufacturing pressure gauges sold to the expanding markets of Asia.

1995:  Brannan developed a calibration and testing laboratory to serve increasing customer demand for high accuracy products.

2000’s:  A range of non-mercury products was launched alongside a campaign to educate our customers in the environmental advantages of these products.

2010’s:  Brannan focused on expanding industrial sales in the GCC region and other emerging markets.

2020-21:  Brannan supplied medical thermometers to hospitals and care homes during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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