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Batch sampling thermometer – incubator

Precision test thermometers sealed into a 30ml polypropylene bottle.

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    • Ideally suited to monitor the temperature of samples in controlled storage
    • Bottle base of the assembly maintains a core temperature similar to that of the samples being monitored and is unaffected by short fluctuations caused by thermostatic variations or through the opening of cabinet doors
    • Clear reading LO-tox™ blue filling
    • Variety of ranges are available
    • Applications covered include oven, blood bank, freezer, refrigerator, incubator
    • Blood Bank Thermometer  -5 to +20°C  +/- 0.7°C 0.5°C 5 011405 221001 22/100/2
    • Freezer Thermometer  -30 to 0°C +/- 0.7°C 0.5°C 5 011405 221018 22/101/2
    • Refrigerator Thermometer -5 to +20°C +/- .0.7°C 0.5°C 5 011405 221032 22/103/2
    • Incubator Thermometer +18 to +50°C +/- 0.5°C 1.0°C 5 011405 221056 22/105/2
    • See product 22/420/3 for detailed information on the digital thermometer
    Download Data Sheet SKU: 22/105/2

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