Pressure gauges – flow restrictors

Flow restrictors


A pressure gauge flow restrictor is typically a small orifice that is either screwed or pressed into the gauge’s socket. The orifice restricts the fluid flow between the pressure source and the gauges pressure element – the bourdon tube – and it is used to reduce the effects of pressure fluctuations.


The use of a restrictor will increase the useful life of a pressure gauge by shielding the gauges pressure element from the constant fluctuations of a pulsating pressure source. As the pressure fluctuates, spikes enter the sensing element through a small orifice and the sensing element is exposed to a more constant flow of pressure rather than extreme fluctuations.


When severe pressure fluctuations are encountered the use of an external pressure snubber is recommended, please see the “Pressure gauge – snubbers” information sheet. In very extreme cases when the pressure spikes greatly exceed the pressure range of the system being used, the use of an over pressure device is suggested.


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