Pressure gauge – blow-out disc

What is a blow-out disc?


A blow out disc is a rubber circular disc often placed on the back of the pressure gauge.


  • Blow out discs are in place as a safety precaution.


  • Pressure gauges are used within pressurised systems and sometimes the bourbon tube can become damaged leading to a leak within the gauge. Pressure will continue to build up, and this pressure will need to be released. The blow out disc will then pop out, relieving the pressure within the gauge.


  • With the blow out disc in place the release of built-up pressure will be in an outward direction, away from the user, and prevent the window of the gauge from shattering.



How to prevent a buildup of pressure


As the blow out disc is a safety precaution it is good practice to ensure the environment the pressure gauge will be used in is suitable to prevent over-pressurisation:


  • Pressure applied to the gauge should be 75% of the max scale for steady pressures and 65% for fluctuating pressures.
  • Place all pressure gauges with a blow out disc 20mm away from panels or walls to allow safe release of built-up pressure.



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