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Twaddle hydrometer

Twaddle hydrometer. The Twaddle scale is a simplified scale based on specific gravity where 0 Twaddle equates to SG60/60F of 1.00 (that of water) and each degree Twaddle equals 0.005SG. This hydrometer is available in 2 lengths – 160mm or 300mm – each with single degree divisions and are adjusted for use at 15.6C (60F) for medium surface tension liquids.

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  • Part of Brannan's range of Twaddle and Baume hydrometers
  • Used for measuring liquids that are heavier than water
  • Used for those industries that have not adopted density or specific gravity as the standard unit of measurement
  • Can be supplied with either UKAS or traceable calibration certificate
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Please see data sheet for product specifications.

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