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Compact psychrometer – C only

Whirling hygrometers, also known as sling psychrometers, employ the wet and dry bulb principle to determine percentage relative humidity. They are designed to be rotated, by hand, to provide adequate and consistent ventilation of the bulbs.

The compact whirling hygrometer instrument incorporates a slide rule type calculator to determine the % RH. The body of the instrument slides away into the handle providing complete protection when not in use. Fitted with environmentally friendly LO-tox™ filled glass tubes. Refill tubes available.

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  • Slide rule type calculator to determine the %RH
  • Unique, non hazardous, mercury free filling
  • Fold away into case when not in use
  • Made in UK
  • Temperature Range: -5 to +50°C or 0 to 120°F
  • Divisions: 0.5°C or 1.0°F
  • Accuracy: +/-1
  • Casing Material:  ABS
  • Product Dimensions :    Packaged – 41 x 213 x 19.5mm 
Download Data Sheet SKU: 13/606/2

£51.05 (£42.54 - Excluding Tax)

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