Brannan THERM-cert range of pre-calibrated instruments

Brannan are pleased to introduce a range of high accuracy thermometers which are supplied complete with 2 fixed points traceable calibration certificate (1 fixed point for TC-009) ideal for a variety of scientific and catering applications and as part of HACCP procedures. All instruments are supplied with battery and full operating instructions.

• Professional test products
• Brannan’s quality and accuracy
• Supplied complete with fixed point traceable calibration certificate
• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
• Short lead time and delivery

Product range includes:

  • Folding probe test thermometer (product reference: TC-002)
  • Stainless steel folding probe test thermometer (product reference: TC-010)
  • Water resistant probe test thermometer (product reference: TC-004)
  • Probe test thermometer with 1.5m probe cable (product reference: TC-003)
  • Twin reading thermometer (product reference: TC-007)
  • Twin reading fridge freezer thermometer (product reference: TC-008)
  • Clinical thermometer (product reference: TC-009)

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