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Stainless stell waterproof capillary dial thermometer

Robust, accurate, and high quality, this weatherproof capillary dial thermometer is manufactured in the UK and designed for outdoor applications. With a choice of dial diameters, the waterproof capillary dial thermometer features a high quality liquid expansion measuring system.

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    • UK manufactured
    • Weatherproof capillary dial thermometer with stainless steel case
    • Back flange for surface mounting
    • High quality liquid expansion measuring system
    • Choice of dial diameters
    • Element: Bourdon tube
    • Pressure Element
    • Movement, mechanical, connecting element and pointer
    • Dial: Satin-faced, nonreflective aluminium with permanently etched scale markings
    • Pointer: metal
    • Thermowell installation
    • Please see the data sheet for specification details.
    Download Data Sheet SKU: XT045

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