Brannan were proud suppliers to the Turf Club, Singapore


Turf Club is the only race course in Singapore, spanning over 455,000m2. This is an on-going expansion project, re-developing the current fixtures and adding in amenities such as the creation of a fifth level, meeting rooms, a new grandstand with new dining options and an English broadcast studio.

Brannan was chosen to provide temperature instrumentation for the $250,000 redevelopment project.


Why did they choose Brannan?


Brannan is a world leading British manufacturer and supplier of thermometers and measuring devices.  All dial thermometers and pressure gauges are manufactured using only premium materials under tightly controlled production conditions.  Brannan can be relied on to supply instruments that will last.  To support this commitment to quality and reliability, we offer a 5 year warranty on all dial thermometers and pressure gauges.

XT040 - Stainless steel expansion dial thermometers with bezel


Brannan XT040 range of thermometers are manufactured in our UK factory to the very highest standards.  Fully weatherproof with a reliable liquid expansion measuring system, this instrument can be supplied with either a sliding union or a stainless steel pocket.  Covering a wide range between -40C&F up to +250C&F, this thermometer is perfect for all environments.


Key features:

•  Weatherproof thermometer with stainless steel case and bezel
•  High quality liquid expansion measuring system
•  Choice of dial diameters
•  Wide choice of temperature ranges and stem lengths
•  Supplied complete with stainless steel pocket or sliding union
•  Brannan quality and accuracy
•  For outdoor and high humidity installations
•  Wide range of associated accessories available (see accessories section of this catalogue)


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