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Professional light meter

Professional, accurate light meter that measures up to 400 LUX.

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  • User selectable Lux/Fc
  • PEAK capture
  • MAX/MIN/Data hold
  • Overload indicator
  • Supplied with calibration certificate in heavy duty carry case
  • Measuring Range:   0 to 400k Lux, 0 to 40k Fc
  • Accuracy:    +/- 3% rdg +/-0.5%f.s (<10,000 Lux)
  • +/- 4% rdg +/-10dgts (>10,000 Lux)
  • Spectral Response:   CIE photopic (CIE human eye response curve)
  • Spectral Accuracy:   CIE Vl function (f1’<6%, f2’<2%)
  • Sampling Rate:    2 per second
  • Over Range Indication:   LCD displays “-OL-” or “-LO-”
  • Photo Detector Lead Length:  approx 2.5m
  • Operating Conditions:   -20 to 60°C < 90%RH (non-condensing)
  • Storage Conditions:   -30 to 70°C < 75%RH 

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