Max Min Thermometers

Welcome to our extensive max min thermometer range which are in both digital and analogue styles. Max min thermometers are often used by gardeners and are an ideal instrument for use in the greenhouse, in the garden or allotment to monitor minimum temperature levels during the colder months when frost can be a huge problem and also to keep an eye on the maximum temperature during the warmer months. All of the max min thermometers on this page show the current temperature and also the maximum and the minimum temperatures simultaneously until reset is enabled. Dont forget to browse our complete garden thermometer range to help with monitoring garden and greenhouse temperatures.

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Digital Max Min Thermometer

In addition to the traditional liquid in glass max min thermometers, we also stock a wide range of digital models which have a clear easy to read display screen to show the current, minimum and maximum temperature reached since the last reset. All digital max min thermometers come complete with instructions and batteries included.


Traditional Max Min Thermometer

Increasing environmental and health concerns have encouraged the development of these unique mercury free max min thermometers which replace the traditional mercury types, the standard design for over two hundred years. These particular max min thermometers use a patented blue coloured liquid to replace the mercury but retain the ease of operation of the mercury instruments. These Max Min thermometers can be supplied with certificate traceable to Recognised National Standard or Statement of Conformity, if required.


Max Min Thermometer FAQ's

Where is the best location for my max min thermometer?

We suggest that any garden thermometer should be positioned away from direct sunlight and draughts to ensure an accurate reading. All thermometers have an easy to hang hook for fixing to walls and posts.


Can they be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, max min thermometers can be used indoors and outdoors. However, some are more water resistant than others, so it is best to read the product descriptions for this information.


If I buy a digital max min thermometer, do I need to buy batteries?

No, all of our digital max min thermometers come complete with batteries included.