Liquid in Glass Laboratory Thermometers

Please find below our large laboratory thermometer range including Lo tox, Spirit filled, Initial, Eco therm, PVC coated and Teflon coated glass thermometer products which can be used in a laboratory. We have been manufacturing a large laboratory thermometer range successfully in the UK for over 100 years.


LO-tox™ Filled Glass Laboratory Thermometer

LO-tox™ is an organic filling laboratory thermometer specially chosen to achieve a wide temperature span and provide the lowest practical levels of hazard. The quality and legibility make these an ideal substitute for mercury thermometers. Fitted with Brannan non roll end cap which has a ring to allow the glass lab thermometer to be suspended.

Spirit Filled Glass Laboratory Thermometer

The spirit filled lab thermometer uses specially selected filling materials covering temperatures down to -200°c. Normal fillings are coloured red on a white back glass but alternative colours are available as shown. The -200°c range lab thermometer is filled with a colourless liquid. Our glass thermometers are normally supplied with the non roll cap with ring.

ECO-therm Glass Laboratory Thermometer

The Brannan ECO-therm Laboratory Thermometer are green spirit thermometers filled with a non toxic expansion liquid. The glass thermometers are currently available to cover the four most popular temperature ranges although it is intended to add further ranges in future. The quality and resolution make these an ideal substitute for general purpose mercury thermometers. Each lab thermometer is fitted with a Brannan non roll end cap which has an integral ring to allow the thermometer to be suspended and is supplied in protective PVC packaging.

initial™ Brand Glass Laboratory Thermometer

The initial™ laboratory thermometer range offers a significant saving on our range of standard glass thermometers while making no compromises to traditional Brannan quality and accuracy. This entry level glass lab thermometer is now available in a choice of red, green or blue spirit filling and have moulded glass non-roll device to help prevent breakage.

breaksafe - PVC Coated Glass Laboratory Thermometer

The Brannan breaksafe lab thermometer range are encapsulated in PVC to contain any glass or filling material in the event of breakage. This offers a low cost alternative to the Teflon* coated glass thermometers.

Teflon™ Coated Glass Laboratory Thermometer

TeflonTM coating system to offer high levels of glass thermometer protection, which contains any glass or filling material in the event of breakage. The FEP material is completely transparent and offers resistance to virtually all chemicals and UV radiation.