Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Thermometers

The Brannan Nitrogen filled diesel engine exhaust gas thermometer is the most widely specified instrument for measuring exhaust gas temperatures and is fitted as original equipment by leading engine manufacturers. The Nitrogen filled diesel engine exhaust gas thermometer system is both reliable and accurate as well as environmentally friendly. These exhaust gas thermometers are protected against vibration using silicone oil to ensure the maximum life under the most severe conditions.

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 The following table identifies the most popular product codes.

Standard Product Numbers

Stem Length ‘L’ Stem Diameter ‘D’ Product No
Bottom Entry Back Entry
100mm 12mm 93/100/0 93/110/0
150mm 12mm 93/100/1 93/110/1
200mm 12mm 93/100/2 93/110/2
250mm 12mm 93/100/3 93/110/3
300mm 12mm 93/100/4 93/110/4
350mm 12mm 93/100/5 93/110/5
400mm 12mm 93/100/6 93/110/6
450mm 12mm 93/100/7 93/110/7
500mm 12mm 93/100/8 93/110/8


Sliding connections to suit 12mm stems are:

Thread ‘G’ Product No
1/2” 39/237/0
3/4” 39/238/0



Standard Specifications
Temperature Range: +50 to +650°C&F
Accuracy: +/-1.5% of Full Scale
Casing/Bezel: Black painted die-cast aluminium, 120mm diameter case = 100mm dial face (standard), 100mm diameter case = 80mm dial face (optional)
Max Working Temp: Full scale value at continuous operation
Measuring System: N2
Degree of Protection: IP67
Mounting: Bottom or back
Stem Diameter Options: 12, 13 or 16mm
Thermowells: To fit
Available in steel or stainless steel on request
Typical Sliding Union Connections: Adjustable union - 1/2” for stem 12 or 13mm, 3/4” for 16mm in 316 stainless steel
Connection: Type C unless specified

Ranges: 0 to +120°C&F, 0 to +160°C&F, 0 to +200°C&F and 0 to +250°C&F,
Connections: Other connections available on request.
Casing: 100mm case with 80mm face is available on request.


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