About pressure calibration

About pressure calibrations


Before beginning any calibration procedure, all other metrological requirements must be met. The instrument must be left in the laboratory to stabilise for sufficient time into the environmental conditions. The condition of the pressure gauge must be checked to ensure that there is no obvious damage or malfunction. Special care must be given to the manufacturer’s specifications about mounting position, torque or any other special requirements.

Before the calibration can begin, the pressure gauge must be visually checked to make sure the instrument is in a suitable condition to be calibrated, it is checked for cracks, loose pointers, and printing errors. Once completed, the gauge is placed on the dead weight tester in the orientation of its intended use. Once fitted the pressure is increased to the maximum range of the gauge. This cycles the gauge in a full hysteresis loop and can identify any leaks or other major faults that could prevent calibration.

Calibration can begin if no faults have been discovered. Calibration is performed at 5 points across the range of the pressure gauge, carried out in sequence, starting with the rising pressure, followed by the falling pressure. To increase the pressure, weights in bar can be added to the piston and the handle then turned in a clockwise orientation. This applied pressure moves the pointer on the gauge and a reading in bar is recorded. This is done 5 times to gain 5 pressure point readings. To decrease the pressure, weights are removed, and the handle turned in an anti-clockwise orientation.

The pressure readings from both the rising pressure and falling pressure will be used to produce a calibration certificate.

At Brannan, we currently offer a 5 point standard calibration Traceable to National Standards between 0 and 700 bar. UKAS calibrations are available upon request via a third party laboratory.


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