BS 1704 Thermometers

BS 1704 : 1985 is identical to ISO 1770 - 1981 (revised in 1983). The specification includes standard thermometers (designation A to H) and thermometers of higher accuracy (designation J to W). Thermometers with ranges below -35°C are red spirit filled.
The designation reference for partial (75mm) immersion types is suffixed “/75”.

Product Specifications
Product Material: Glass Tube: Spirit filled
Product Dimension: 6.5mm dia x length (see table below)
Product Net Weight: 305mm - 27.2g
405mm - 35.8g
460mm - 44g
610mm - 49g

Product Data Sheet
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Designation Range  Division  Length mm  Product No
Total Partial Total Imm 75mm !mm
A - *-100 + 30C 1.0 305 *50/121/0 -
Thermometers of Higher Accuracy
J - *-100 to +50C 1.0 305 *50/129/0 -
K - *-50 to +50C 1.0 305 *50/130/0 -


*Red spirit filled

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